• HDTV image capture and real-time compare
  • Real-time bit error rate test
  • Real-time pixel error rate test over noisy video
  • Up to 1080 p at 240 Hz  or 4k x 2k at 60Hz
  • Up to 30-bit color depth
  • Up to 8 LVDS channels
  • NI LabVIEW™ libraries ease integration
  • 8 simulteanous LVDS channels (clk+5 data each)
  • Clock speed ranging from 8 to 135 MHz (or 150 MHz)
  • Up to 8 parallel pixel selection (per clock cycle)
  • Software-selectable active channel selection
  • 18-24-30 bit color depth
  • Frame rate of up to 240 Hz over 1080 p 
  • Max. bit rate for real-time test: up to 25 Gb/s (aggregated)
  • Software-selectable VESA or JEIDA LVDS pixel information mapping
  • Reference image acquisition, storage, and retrieval on disk available through LabVIEW VIs    
  • Real-time bit error rate, pixel error rate and PSNR test available through LabVIEW VIs
  • Detailed video timing information (DE, H/V active resolution, H/V blanking)
VA-01 Block Diagram
This diagram demonstrates where the VA-01 fits within an application for video test.