• Leverage NI TestStand power with an efficient, user-friendly user experience for your test project.
  • Leverage a process-driven integrated cockpit for rapid application development.
  • Manage test application change history.
  • Easily define and recall, at the user level, process profiles where the test application should be deployed.
  • Easily handle hundreds of product variants through a powerful configuration variant manager.
  • Ensure test stations and test adapters match through a dual segment calibration process.
  • Run multiple executions on a self adapting user interface. The test execution GUI adapts automatically to the number of deployed parallel test instances.
  • Use a powerful SQL Database to immediately view and filter test results and easily interface to MES&PDES.
  • Receive ongoing system health status in conjunction with PXI/PXIe racks system monitor functions.
  • Provide a service -level tools repository and diagnostic test development context.
  • Experience a low cost of introduction and ownership.
  • View the NEW SuperNova FAQ.

Licensing options:

  • Test development license
  • Test debug license
  • Test runtime license

View the NEW SuperNova FAQ.