Tire Industry

Companies in tires manufacturing industry serves a variety of vehicles and their demand is driven by sales of new vehicles and the need for replacement tires. Because tires are largely a commodity, profitability of companies depends on cost-efficient operations.

Based on many years of experience and expertise in the tire industry Alfamation can help you to:

  • Improve quality control
  • Increase production troughput
  • Save space and reduce costs
Solutions for Tire Industry industry

The X-Raptor PCR system provides tire manufacturers with a fast and reliable approach to quality inspection and quantitative control of passenger and light truck tires.

Tire-X 3000 is an automated x-ray system for bus and truck tire inspection.

Hardware/Software kits are available for renewal of existing X-Ray machines. Our Upgrade kits include Alfamation proprietary U-shape LDA detector, imaging system and application software for image display and analysis