Alfamation provides Test Support for Inova APIX®2

January 26, 2014 – INOVA Semiconductors, inventor of the APIX®2 standard for real-time gigabit links for automotive applications and Alfamation, supplier of hardware and software test products and turn-key test and measurement solutions for automotive infotainment systems, have announced a close cooperation to speed up the integration of APIX®2  technology into automotive applications.

Targeted for applications where high fault coverage and high speed processing are required, the Alfamation FlexMedia AMX for APIX®2  allows for accurate and high-performance testing of UUT (unit under test) Tx and Rx simultaneously and get reliable video quality check in a fraction of a second. It provides full-functions support for complex INOVA APIX®2  IMAP375T/R and INAP378T/R chipset including dual screen mode programmable digital video & audio generation and dual screen mode real-time video analysis, Ethernet communication, SPI, auxiliary low latency GPI/O for each serializer and deserializer channel. The module operates in combination with NI PXI/PXIe FlexRIO and is provided with software APIs e.g. DLL and NI LabView. Applications include infotainment head-unit / display link quality & reliability test, infotainment head-unit / display link R&D and design validation, and fast parallel manufacturing test.

In sophisticated infotainment and driver assistance systems, the APIX™ technology is used to connect displays and cameras with head units. This way, uncompressed HD video, audio and control data can be transmitted between displays or cameras and head units. APIX™ moreover facilitates the implementation of a 100 Mbps Ethernet link over the same cable which can further reduce cabling costs, weight, and space requirements. To integrate this technology automotive customers require the related test technology.

To test the high-speed bi-directional digital multimedia link FlexMedia AMX for INOVA IMAP375/378 chipset offers a video stream generator which operates in single or dual video mode, supports standard or bulk mode video, as well as all chipset video formats (RGB & LVDS chip interfacing). It features programmable frame sizes, timing and colour depth and pixel clock up to 120 MHz for RGB chipset interface and 80 MHz for LVDS -. It generates still video and video clips from .png, .jpg, or .bmp files. The video stream analyser analyses all generated video formats and modes and tests additionally BER, PER, PSNR over HSD still video picture content. It provides a region-of-interest based analysis and frame-by-frame SYNCH timing measurements. The analyser includes a frame grabber and Rx daisy chain output. The integrated I²S digital audio generators & analysers feature a programmable sampling rate up to 192 kHz and data-stream conversion from .wav files.

The module supports also remote I²C masters with programmable clock speed up to 400 kHz and includes a dummy slave for test purposes. Ethernet support is provided by integrated Ethernet 10/100 switch for best flexibility via Ethernet RJ45 connector on APIX®2  RX and TX side. FlexMedia AMX for APIX®2 also offers support for an auxiliary bit to control low latency general purpose I/O, video triggers & interrupts from APIs. Data is transferred either on dual SPI including full-duplex on SPI protocol or single SPI (half-duplex on SPI protocol) including Ethernet support in this mode and including programmable clock up to 20 MHz. Chipset configuration is set via standard SPI protocol or remote.

About INOVA Semiconductors

INOVA Semiconductors is an ISO 9001 certified semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company designs, markets and sells its products and technologies directly and through a global network of distributors. For many years, INOVA Semiconductors has been extremely successful in developing and manufacturing semiconductors for high speed data communication products for Gigabit/s data transfers through copper cables. INOVA Semiconductor’s core competence is the reliable transmission of data over large distances of up to 50m in harsh and interference-prone environments.

Thanks to their high reliability and performance, the APIX™ and APIX®2  product lines have established themselves in digital multimedia and control data transmission, particularly in the areas industrial automation, railway transportation and automotive.

For more information on INOVA please visit: INOVA Semiconductors

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