Flexmedia™ AMX

Multimedia test for infotainment

As a result of its expertise and experience, Alfamation has engineered an entirely new approach to automotive infotainment testing with a range of products for High Speed Digital Links testing, including multichannel LVDS video, analog video, digital audio and bidirectional communication real-time testing. Using industry-standard NI LabVIEW development systems and PXI/PXIe hardware, FlexMedia™ AMX solutions are designed to reduce system cost and space without compromising performance and signal integrity.


BER Test ■ PER test ■ PSNR test ■ Region of Interest based analysis ■ SYNCH timing measurements


  • Very fast test execution on High Speed Digital Links for Automotive 
  • Full functions fault coverage 
  • Provides multiple and parallel tests with a single instrument 
  • Saves execution and integration time 
  • Single PXI slot solution reducing space and costs 
  • WIN DLL & NI LabVIEW API support

Full chipset support is provided for:

Multimedia Link Testing at Amazing Speed

Multimedia Link Testing at Amazing Speed

Video and Multimedia Link Testing at Amazing Speed

Industry for Flexmedia™ AMX

If you develop an onboard communications or control system for vehicles Alfamation has products and system solutions to meet your testing needs.

Technology used by Flexmedia™ AMX

High speed digital interconnect has become the solution for many applications that demand high data rates at reduced wiring.