Flexmedia™ VG/VA

High speed video test

As flat screen display technology is evolving toward high-definition and 3D TV platforms, engineers must test increasingly more complex devices with higher resolutions, deeper colors and increasing frame rates.

Alfamation provides customized test instruments and a wide variety of standardized products that have evolved from innovations in specific areas. These instruments help our customers bring next-generation video, audio, and control products to market faster as well as increase their productivity.


HDMI 1.4 compliance measurements ■ HDMI protocol analysis ■ HDMI data generator ■ Deep color support ■ 3D analysis and generation. ■ Source test ■ sink test. ■ BER analysis ■ Measure with confidence ■ CEC test ■ DDC test ■ HDCP™ test ■ HEC and ARC test


With FlexMedia™ VG/VA family of PXI/PXIe video test instruments, engineers can achive fast tests throughput on 3D and high-definition TV and computer monitor mainboards.


  • Extremely fast real-time processing 
  • Maximum test throughput 
  • Cost saving 
  • Compact design

High Definition LVDS Video Pattern Generator

HD Multi-Format Video Generator

High Definition LVDS Video Analyzer

Industry for Flexmedia™ VG/VA

Our systems platform use an open and flexible architecture featuring exceptional repeatability, stability, and speed while maintaining ease of use.

Technology used by Flexmedia™ VG/VA

High speed digital interconnect has become the solution for many applications that demand high data rates at reduced wiring.