Unleash the Power of NI TestStand


World-class Test Execution Framework for Manufacturing

Experience a new era in test development and management with improved efficiency and ease of use throughout the tester lifecycle

Supernova Test Application Framework is an innovative, fully integrated test environment that simplifies access to high-end test capabilities, reduces time spent on analysis and customizations, and helps you achieve testing goals with minimal investment.

Through an enriched and powerful user experience, Supernova unleashes the power of NI TestStand to allow engineers to quickly create and manage test applications from development to manufacturing deployment and service.

Supernova introduces high level application release management, process, and test project configuration functions to ease application development and management, and is fully localized to accommodate world class test requirements.

Benefits and Features

  • Structured test application development context
  • Based upon NI TestStand engine 
  • Intuitive user experience with customizable graphical interfaces
  • Easy parallel processing implementation
  • Fast integration of tools and drivers
  • Quick implementation of test variants
  • Results data storage & data export through MS SQL or custom
  • Ease of integration with database or MES interface for results storage and analysis
  • Thousands of worldwide deployments
  • NI SystemLink integration: now Supernova includes APIs to communicate directly with SystemLink server
  • NEW IN! Tunetron, Tune and validate Measurement System 
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