Tire-X 3000 series

Tire-X 3000 is an automated x-ray system for bus and truck tire inspection. Tire-X 3000 is designed to identify foreign materials, body ply cords, chafer dimensions, bad splices, and belt step offs. This system, which delivers a superior tire image, also offers automatic detection of certain tire defects.

  • Easy maintenance 
  • Rugged design 
  • Highly reliable 
  • Superior X-ray imaging quality


  • Bead-to-bead, high-quality simultaneous inspection 
  • Compact design 
  • High-quality images 
  • Horizontal tire positioning for shorter cycle time (<30 sec) 
  • Optional automatic detection of specific defects 
  • Optional off-line analysis software package for statistical control on a separate PC


  • High throughput 
  • User-friendly operator interface 
  • Minimum maintenance requirement 
  • Reduced machine downtime 
  • Easy to maintain by plant staff
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