X-Raptor PCR

The next-generation X-Raptor PCR system provides tire manufacturers with a fast and reliable approach to quality inspection and quantitative control of passenger and light truck tires, while reducing overall cost of ownership. This Plug & Play system is a powerful, compact and innovative off-the-shelf solution for superior tire imaging.

X-Raptor incorporates green technology for reduced consumption, and is configurable for both off-line and in-line use. Built-in manual measurement functions offer ease of use, and Automated Defect Recognition is optional.


  • Fully integrated 
  • Low cost of ownership
  • High reliability
  • Quick setup and short startup time
  • Fully Automated Defect Recognition software available
  • Portable (easily moved to remote locations)
  • New High Voltage generator technology (Fully electronic solid oil-free design far reduced maintenance needs)


  • Footprint -35% 
  • Volume -56%
  • Weight -50% 
  • Fast (Cycle Time -40%) 
  • Power consumption -55%
  • Lead of shielding -50
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