X-Ray Upgrade Kits

Tire makers use end-of-line X-ray inspection to guarantee a high level of product quality and safety. Often the inspection machines constitute a production bottleneck, especially if they are old. Our X-Ray Upgrade Kits offer cycle time reduction, inspection quality improvement, and cost effectiveness.

Using a parallel software architecture, our solution reduces cycle time by keeping the tire load and unload process fully asynchronous to the operator image inspection process.

The high quality of images and reduced operator stress improve the overall inspection process considerably. Alfamation has extensive experience in retrofitting primary brand X-ray inspection machines worldwide. Broad competence in industrial imaging, electronics and software, makes Alfamation the ideal partner to define the exact retrofit solution you need, extending the life of your X-ray tire inspection system.


  • Bead to bead high quality simultaneous inspection, based on panoramic X-ray tube and U-shape detector
  • Automated page-by-page image display
  • Advanced tools for manual image operator inspection
  • Automated cord spacing control
  • Parallel software architecture to reduce cycle time
  • Automated image storage on hard disk for off-line qua

Features & Benefits

  • Impressive return of investment
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Image quality improvement
  • Reduced operator stress
  • Long life components
  • Easy maintenance by plant staff
  • Compact, Modular and Scalable Design
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