Similar to an optical inspection, an X-ray for tire inspection produces images of the object. The image is then processed by image processing software that detects the position and size/shape of expected features or presence/absence of unexpected objects or features.

Alfamation manufactures fully automated modular x-ray inspection systems for tire quality control featuring high accuracy, high productivity, and low per unit test cost. We have developed a new line of compact and fast turnkey x-ray machines for production and laboratory  test of truck and car tires.

Solutions using X-Ray technology

The X-Raptor PCR system provides tire manufacturers with a fast and reliable approach to quality inspection and quantitative control of passenger and light truck tires.

Tire-X 3000 is an automated x-ray system for bus and truck tire inspection.

Hardware/Software kits are available for renewal of existing X-Ray machines. Our Upgrade kits include Alfamation proprietary U-shape LDA detector, imaging system and application software for image display and analysis