History of Innovation

  • 2024

    Alfamation is now part of the Electronic Division of InTest Corporation (INTT, NYSE), a publicly-traded technology company headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA. 

  • 2021

    With Flexmedia XM we won the Productronica Innovation Award 2021 in the Inspection & Quality cluster. The family of compact instrumentation modules was selected because of its capability to lower total cost of test in a production environment where electronics is more complex and faster than typical test scenarios.

  • 2021
    This year we are honored to celebrate our 30th anniversary. As we look forward, we are also reminded of the many valued relationships that have made the last 3 decades a success.
  • 2020
    Once again Alfamation show its capacity of being innovative with its new product specifically developed for wireless test 
  • 2018

    Alfamation developed a New Functional tester for battery management systems (BMS) once again raising the bar of the entire industry.

  • 2017

    Alfamation proudly announces that its FlexMedia™ Test Solution has been chosen by leading automotive supplier

  • 2016

    Class ISO 7-8 cleanroom facility and segregated area for prototype testing is put into operation 

  • 2014

    Harman International adopts Alfamation's Supernova test executive for its standard worldwide platform

  • 2013

    Collaboration with top leading customer in wafer level on new wafer based- optical devices

  • 2012

    Pixelworks adopts Alfamation's Flexmedia technology for its HDTV & 4K TV chipset testing

  • 2011

    Alfamation becomes key supplier of Harman international

  • 2010

    FlexMedia™ A-Series and FlexMedia™ V-Series are launched 

  • 2010

    Continuing our evolutionary path, Alfautomazione becomes Alfamation.

  • 2009

    7 ½  digits class very-low noise pacemakers lithium batteries testers (Boston Scientific)

  • 2008

    National Instruments & Alfamation co-design WiMAX RF Test Libraries (similar to LTE)

  • 2007

    Automatic defect recognition (ADR) on tires via X-ray imaging is patented

  • 2006

    PXI/NI LV-based platform for pacemaker testing made by Boston Scientific

  • 2005

    X-ray tire inspection system is introduced

  • 2004

    Introduced 14 stages Nano-assy systems for optoelectronics

  • 2003

    Pigtail and nano-assy systems for telecom tunable lasers (PGT – now BROADCOM)

  • 2002

    Worldwide installation of 34 testers for Delphi

  • 2001

    Company receives ISO 9001 quality certification 

  • 2001

    Pump laser dice testers for Corning, introduced Telecom Lasers Testers.

  • 2000

    National Instruments named Alfautomazione as the first international Select Integrator, (first outside USA)

  • 1999

    World-standard PXI/NI TS - based telematics test system provided to Fiat Group

  • 1999

    World-standard PXI/NI TS-based telematics test system & HFT3000 platform testers

  • 1998

    World-Standard Instruments clusters test systems to Fiat group

  • 1997

    Key supplier of Philips CE for functional ATE world standard definition  

  • 1995

    Introduced high-accuracy Modular Telemetry System for Philips.

  • 1994

    Alfautomazione introduced Wirewound Component Testers.

  • 1991

    Alfautomazione S.p.A. jointly founded with Philips Automation SpA.

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