Battery Management System

Alfamation’s market-proven HT14 Hyperion ™ workstation evaluates batteries as a complete system and is used for functional testing to verify a comprehensive range of battery-pack functionalities: communication, safety features, individual pack/cell temperature monitor for an automotive Tier 1 supplier of battery management systems (BMS) and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

The tester carries out accurate voltage/current measurement and high power battery cycling, to evaluate the power characteristics of battery packs, as well as environmental and endurance testing of them.

Destination market: Automotive

DUT Type: PCBA for Battery pack

UUT Description: A tailored single or dual press test fixture has been designed to permit several DUTs to be tested by sharing a common base platform, easy scalable and adaptable to interchangeable fixtures reducing system cost and lead times. The tester provides high voltage, customizable voltage ranges from 12V-40Ah, 12V-60Ah and 48V.

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