Display Test System

Reliable, High Volume Display Testing for 24/7 Manufacturing Operations

Do you face the challenge of testing automotive displays with increasingly high resolution and multiple video and communication protocols?

Pixelshooterâ„¢ Display Test System is an Alfamation solution for optical and haptic tests on automotive displays and instrument clusters with touch screens, buttons and knobs.

  • Conceived for 24/7 high volume manufacturing operations

  • Hi-Res defective pixel detection, color calibration, brightness uniformity & flicker measurement

  • Wide range of video & communication protocols supported by Flexmedia XM

About Pixelshooter

 features an integrated SCARA robot to handle interchangeable tools for haptic tests on touch screen, buttons and knob actuators and colorimeter head positioning.

  • Base screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixel (higher resolutions on request)

  • Integrated haptic and visual inspectionof display-based HMIs

  • Self-adaptative to display dimension for optimized inspection resolution

  • Quickly interchangeable test fixtures for flexibility

  • Supernova Text Executive for easy test implementation & easy variants management

  • Wide portfolio of drag & drop imaging functions and instruments control

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