WTX - Telematics and Wireless Test Solution

The Alfamation WTX is a compact and cost-effective tester with best-in-class specifications for automotive infotainment and wireless OTA communication devices. Based upon the Hyperion™ platform system elements, it can be equipped with up to 4 RF shielded/semi-anechoic test chambers to perform high-quality & high-volume production test. 

This platform has a wide application range, with the WTX wireless test configuration especially fit for automotive and wireless device test.

Destination market: Automotive

DUT Type: DUTs and infotainment systems with Wi-Fi, LTE, GSM, V2X, 5G (3GPP standard compliant), Bluetooth, and new standards 

UUT Description: The Alfamation WTX Solution is a PXI-based system that leverages NI Vector Signal Transceivers and that integrates the WTX 8-port switch module and up to 48-port switch extension able to test configurations and settings with the WTX-EX software adding capability for infotainment test to support more complex DUTs

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