Consumer Electronics

For 20 years, Alfamation has delivered a wide range of functional test solutions to some of the world's leading consumer brands in electronics industry offering best practice driven systems, hardware and software helping companies make better decisions and get increasingly complex devices to market faster.

Alfamation’s family of high-performance functional testers provides the productivity and reliability demanded by global manufacturers. Our systems use an open and flexible architecture featuring exceptional repeatability, stability, and speed while maintaining ease of use. Our offerings include the following application areas:

  • Smartphones and tablets 
  • Wearables, laptops 
  • 3D Imaging
  • Microcameras
  • HDTVs for consumer 
  • Entertainment consoles for automotive
Solutions for Consumer Electronics industry

Our Multimedia tester can simultaneously test multiple technologies such as audio, video, USB, Ethernet, and wireless and provide support for all new-generation multimedia and broadcasting products.

Alfamation designs and manufactures state-of-art mass production testing machines and prototypes machines to provide rapid cycle time with low footprint solutions

SuperNova Test Application Framework is an innovative, fully integrated test environment that addresses world-class test deployment challenges by simplifying access to high-end test capabilities.