Alfamation Announces Functional Tester for Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)


Lissone, Italy – December 03, 2018 - Alfamation, a leading provider of state-of-the-art turnkey test and measurement solutions, has launched its Wafer Level Tester for Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE), for high-volume micro-optics testing in a production line.

A DOE is as an optical structure on a glass substrate acting as a lens, such as in the camera module in a smartphone. DOEs are increasingly used today, for example for facial recognition in a phone.

“The new system uses an innovative measurement method, with a custom-designed ‘relay optic’ that collects all light coming out from the DOEs over a wide field of view and focuses it on a large camera sensor” said Mauro Arigossi, CEO of Alfamation. “With this methodology, the sensitivity is higher than competitor’s ATE based on a projection screen, because all light to be measured goes directly into the sensor, which enables faster tests and higher throughput in production.”

Alfamation has long experience in this market, and has been a supplier to major telecom and micro optics companies since 2000, including supplying test equipment for wafer-level optics for smartphones. It has the necessary mix of expertise in optics, electronics, software, integration and automation   required to develop such a complex ATE and it is a strategic partner for all the players of this market

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