The Flexmedia™ module family provide a flexible and robust method for both laboratory and automated functional test either in R&D or for production of multiple DUT (device under test) for infotainment. FlexMedia™ K are designed to support all the features offered by the different chipset suppliers while Flexmedia™ R are designed to cover testing needs for AM/FM, TV adn DAB/SDARS Bands signals.


  • Simultaneous/indipendent processing
  • Real-Time BER/PER/PSNR video analysis
  • Programmable video generator
  • Multiple DUTs control with single host
  • Comprehensive chipset solutions Texas/INOVA/Maxim™ (for Flexmedia™ K)
  • RF distibution & generator input (for Flexmedia™ R)


■ Easy to handle and use ■ Space and costs reduction ■ Ethernet controlled ■ Stand Alone and Micro Rack available ■ Full chipset support provided

Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Generator and Analyzer

Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Analyzer & Generator

Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Generator & Analyzer

Infotainment systems have to deal with a several RF signals, starting from world radio standards but extending to mobile communication, GPS & WLAN. Most of the H.U.