Flexmedia™ K-Series

Compact High speed video test

Flexmedia™ K family provide a flexible and robust method for both laboratory and automated functional test either in R&D or for production of multiple DUT (device under test) for infotainment. FlexMedia™K is designed to support all the features offered by the different chipset.


BER Test ■ PER test ■ PSNR test ■ Region of Interest based analysis ■ SYNCH timing measurements ■ Verify interface signal continuity ■ Verify interface signal levels ■ Capture video and audio


  • Real-time video frame processing
  • Comprehensive chipset solutions
  • Multiple unit control with single host 
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Space and costs reduction

Full chipset support is provided for:

Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Generator and Analyzer

Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Analyzer & Generator

Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Generator & Analyzer

Industry for Flexmedia™ K-Series

If you develop an onboard communications or control system for vehicles Alfamation has products and system solutions to meet your testing needs.

Technology used by Flexmedia™ K-Series

High speed digital interconnect has become the solution for many applications that demand high data rates at reduced wiring.