The Flexmedia™ K for INOVA APIX®2 provides a flexible way to test multiple device and is designed to support all the features offered by the INOVA chipset. The Flexmedia™ K Unit is available in two version

  1. Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Analyzer 
  2. Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Generator & Analyzer

Both units are capable of performing frame grabbing of the incoming video frames. Depending on version Flexmedia™ K unit analyze or generate and analyze full video stream in real time. The test is performed by comparison between a reference image and the FlexMedia™K Unit incoming bit stream. The reference image is usually edited off-line and saved as a golden sample on a non-volatile support.


  • Simultaneous/indipendent processing 
  • Real-Time BER/PER/PSNR video frame analysis
  • High level API for easy integration
  • SPI bidirectional data channel
  • Small size and lightweight
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MAXIM™ MAX9281/82, MAX9263/64
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