Texas Instruments FPD-Link III

The Flexmedia™ K Unit is a compact test tool specifically designed to analyze multimedia audio and video patterns for validation (R&D) and production test activity.

The Unit is a versatile video generator, frame grabber & real-time frame analyzer to be used with the following Texas Instruments chipset: 

  1. DS90UH925Q/926Q
  2. DS90UH947/948
  3. DS90UB913A/914A
  4. DS90UB913A/UH926Q
  5. DS90UH948


  • Two independent video streams with independent pixel clocks
  • Video resolution and video frame rate configurability up to HD resolution modes
  • Audio interface configurability with 16/24/32 word length and 192 kHz sampling frequency
  • Support for testing of data communication protocols (I2C) both upstream and downstream
  • Supports all diagnostic features of the chipset
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MAXIM™ MAX9281/82, MAX9263/64