RF Modules

Infotainment systems have to deal with a several RF signals, starting from world radio standards but extending to mobile communication, GPS & WLAN. Most of the H.U. RF connections provide phantom power to active antennas that should be tested at different loading conditions (on more values, yet different case by case). 

Phantom power loading require a short connection to the DUT, most of the test systems implement parallel test where signal splitting and switching is required, including self-terminating switching.

RF test signals may come from local generators (with full level control) as well as from factory signals distribution. Thus, a way to program/calibrate signals level is required

The RF signal distribution may get complex, expensive, bulky with a different configuration every time 


  • RF distribution & generator input
  • Single and multiple (6x) generators inputs
  • 12 AM/FM output with individual bias loading and read-back
  • 18 TV output with individual bias loading and read-back
  • By channel programmable RF attenuators 
  • By channel group (of 3) programmable RF attenuators and by-channel on-off


Alfamation has designed 3 new RF distribution modules covering AM/FM, TV and DAB/SDARS Bands.


  • Extremely compact
  • Ethernet control
  • Self-terminating RF inputs
  • Programmable bias loading up to 200mA
  • Bias Voltage & Current read-back accuracy better than 0.5%
  • Integrated channel-by-channel programmable step attenuators
  • Typically coverage for 6 DUTs

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