Process Profile & Signals

Efficiently Define your Test Process Profile and Manage Signals

Supernova reduces extensive engineering and process model customization efforts, providing a high readability level while maintaining the full flexibility of NI TestStand. Supernova features an independent Test Process configuration domain for easy configuration, customization, and tracking of process related functions, including:

  • Product & project identification
  • System and application consistency check 
  • Product handling
  • Single/multiple/parallel testing
  • Results transfer and printout
  • Easy MES&PDES interfacing

With this feature, users can quickly execute the same project on identically configured test equipments with different process profiles (such as in-line automated, off-line manual, cyclic test, and lab development).

Supernova provides diagnostics and informational widgets connected to PXI/PXIe system monitoring functions. These widgets are always available and provide a quick snapshot of system health and usage, overall performance, utilization, and more.

Through powerful Supernova APIs:

  • The software provides a full visual environment to configure test signals at test station or test adapter sites
  • Users can tag signals with easy to remember names
  • Transparent management of scaling and calibration occurs outside the test application
  • Test engineers can easily select plug-ins through open-format transfer and linearization to map physical values

Supernova features visualization of communication for easy message management and multi-socket support. Each message or command can be predetermined for each parallel test instance with its own attributes like periodicity, timeout, and expected answer. The message aliases are then made available at the application level through Supernova APIs.
In addition, SuperNova helps manage error codes with associated messages. The message for each code is language-aware. The codes and the messages are visually associated to the test sequence steps through an easy to manage grid format.

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