Self-training modules to learn Supernova key development elements

Follow the links below to access a powerful learning path to become familiar with Supernova project, software revision management, development tools and process.

You'll be redirected to a login page,  simply fill the form with a valid email address, first and last name and you'll be able to access the e-Learning content.

Note: the training content is not yes updated to Supernova current version, but it provides a very good starting point to develop your skills. A content update project is underway, stay tuned for new releases.

A0 - introduction

B0 - The centrality of the Project

B1 - Software Revision Management

B2 - Part1 System set context

B2 - Part2 System Set  (Resources)

B3 - Development (resources)

B4 - Development (Master Sequence Tab)

B5 – The Process context

B6 – The Service context

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