Hi-Performance Test Tuning

Are you a test engineer using Supernova and looking to improve test time and test stability? 

We offer you our brand new tool designed specifically to enhance test time and test stabilitysupporting you to boost overall test performance.

Why choose Tunetron?

  • Focused on the tester: the goal is to empower with a solution that simplifies testing efforts, allowing to achieve astonishingly high performance effortlessly 
  • Simple to use: it is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring seamless experience for all skill levels
  • Quick to use: with its powerful analysis capabilities, it is possible to identify and eliminate bottlenecks that slow down your Supernova test sequences. Uncover insights and make informed decisions that lead to significant time savings, to accomplish more in less time 

Features Overview

  • Fine tune the measurement System

            - Analyze the measurement variance & alignment test limits

            - Find the most appropriate test limits based upon measurements trials

  • Optimize Test Execution Time: 

            Analyze the duration of each individual test and the degree of parallelism of test executions 

  • MSA

            Type-1 study and Gage Reliability and Repeatability (ARM and ANOVA)

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