Endurance & Burn-in

Manufacturers must meet extensive regulatory documentation and test requirements for safety and efficacy of devices. As a consequence, device testing has become critical to market entry and success. Each device must be tested to ensure that it will work at 100% with different temperature range and for long period.


■ Waveform measurement/analysis/synthesis ■ Trigger and synchronization ■ Telemetry interface ■ Full self-test functionality of instruments ■ Pacemaker FCT tester ■ Defibrillator FCT tester ■ Muscle stimulation device


Whether for development or high-volume production infotainment equipment or for medical device, Alfamation has substantial expertise in functional test solutions and Burn-in systems. All our test equipment incorporates National Instruments industry-standard PXI and TestStand to provide highly scalable and time-efficient solutions.

Alfamation has key expertise in testing covering analog, digital, mixed-signal, RF, and communication testing protocols and testing tecnologies


Our team has a long and valuable understanding of the test and measurement domain, providing:

  • Easy-to-use programming interface
  • Modular system rack design for fast upgrade 
  • High MTBF (5000 hours) and low MTTR (< 1 hr) 
  • Automated self-test functionality 
  • High throughput using parallel testing
Burn-in 1
Battery life tester assembly
Endurance cabinet open
battery life tester detail
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Industry for Endurance & Burn-in

The medical device industry is one of the largest industries in healthcare, dynamically driven by innovation and new technologies and this is the reason why Alfamation is one of preferred vendor for this market.

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