Functional Test

Nowadays vehicles have lot of onboards computing and communication devices packed with integrated safety, functional, information and entertainment systems. Vehicle buyers now demand features like cameras, infotainment and radar, which subsequently pushes automakers to invest in higher-capacity in-vehicle networks based on Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, radar, video, smart sensors and cameras. Today, they are generally considered to be standards features. All this devices require accurate and certified testing.


■ Navigation radio ■ GPS, Infotainment System ■ Automatic pointers calibration (odometer, speedometer, fuel gage) ■ Analog inputs calibrations (resistive or VDC analog inputs) ■ Display and tell tails inspection (missing dots/segments, symbols check, color check, backlight) ■ DC and arbitrary waveforms stimuli and measurements ■ Cluster digital I/O functional test ■ Data communication (CAN, K/L, ACP, GMLAN, J1850) ■ Radio Panel, AOI, Panel inspection, Button Test ■ ECU pin functions, switched and parallel, stimuli and measurements ■ Parallel output loading (by switched and programmable loads) ■ High-voltage probing and stimuli ■ Bus communication (CAN, K/L, GMLAN, J1850, LIN) ■ Static and run-mode testing


Our comprehensive offering includes test solutions such as validation systems and automated test equipment (ATE) for today's automotive instrument clusters and dashboards.

The Alfamation ECUs tester implements high-speed test technology based on market standards such as PXI and NI TestStand to provide a highly scalable and long-lasting solution. In addition, the system implements multiple high-resolution camera and parallel cluster tests on a matrix-based architecture to meet customer price targets and helps them meet their rapidly changing requirements as demanded in the industry.


  • Unique off-the-shelf solutions allowing time and cost savings
  • Stand-alone units or integration into existing equipment
  • State-of-the-art market standards
  • Short set-up and lead times
  • Global support and local languages
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