Multimedia Test

Consumers demand innovative electronic devices with advanced features, and manufacturers need to deliver products that stand out from a growing field of competitors. At the same time, they are challenged to get their products to market quickly, at a lower cost, while operating in a complex global environment. Alfamation's turnkey solution can automatically run a wide range of tests, including power up, video (RF, CVBS, S-Video, HDMI), audio (analog, digital, HDMI), remote controls.


DC, LF high-resolution audio and video stimuli and measurements ■ RF stimuli and measurements for trap adjustment and characterization ■ LVDS, HDMI, and DVI measurements ■ Boundary scan test ■ Electronic and mechanical adjustments with automated and robotic tools ■ Audio (microphone/speaker, headset plugs) ■ RF signals (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ) ■ Micro alignment/PCB test ■ Camera test ■ Camera uniformity test ■ Haptic test for touchscreen calibration ■ Haptic test for button force profile ■ Flicker, brightness, and absolute color test ■ Electrical test ■ Defective pixels and display areas

The Multimedia tester implements high-speed test technology based on industry standards such as PXI and NI TestStand to provide highly scalable and time-efficient solutions and unsurpassed signal integrity and parallel loaded board test technologies based on matrix architecture.

Our Multimedia tester can simultaneously test multiple technologies such as audio, video, USB, Solutions Ethernet, and wireless providing support for all new-generation multimedia and broadcasting products such as flat screens and TVs, digital TV set-top boxes, printed circuit boards.


  • Specific manufacturing process experience
  • Products addressing price and performance pressures
  • Deep technical competence in hardware and software development
  • Short lead times
  • Global support
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