Optical test

Optical and opto-electronical components such as lens, light fibers, beam splitters, semiconductor lasers and photodiodes are now largely used on consumer electronics and even more optical elements need to be integrated into smaller and smaller packages. Nowadays mass-production industries key to success lies in increasing the yield by means of strongly automatized testing machines, with statistical analysis.

Test and analysis

L-I-V (light-current-voltage) curve analysis ■ Beam analysis and spectrum analysis ■ Far field and Near field acquisition ■ Flange Focal Lenght ■ Transmission ■ Emittance and efficiency measurements ■ Final device characterization ■ Bidirectional reflectance distribution functional and optical surface


Alfamation designs and manufactures state-of-art mass production testing machines and prototypes machines to provide rapid cycle time with low footprint. Our tailored systems based on customer requirements are suitable for either wafers or singulated devices testing, asserved by Pick&Place system when needed.


  • Fast time-to-market 
  • High levels of accuracy and repeatability
  • Ease of use
  • Compact design (small footprint)
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