The growing complexities and rapid development cycles in the automotive industry, coupled with the demand for comfort and vehicle safety, pose new challenges for manufacturers. If you develop an onboard communications or control system for vehicles (passenger and commercial), Alfamation has products and system solutions to meet your testing needs.

We deliver complete automatic test equipment and turnkey test and measurement solutions that follows our customers from the earliest stages of requirement definition to complete systems integration.

As part of our innovative test system development, we are ready to offer a suite of RF hardware and software products for highly reliable automotive functional manufacturers in the following areas:

  • Radio and infotainment system
  • High speed sound systems
  • HVAC dashboards and display
  • Automotive engine control units (ECU) 
  • Automatic gearbox controllers 
  • Active wheel speed sensors 
  • Braking controllers (ABS) and Communications systems 
  • Body controllers, Active Safety controllers 
  • Radio, GPS and infotainment systems
Solutions for Automotive industry

The FlexMedia™ K family is capable of performing frame grabbing of the incoming video frames and an analysis and generation of full video stream in real time.

Our comprehensive offering includes test solutions such as validation systems and automated test equipment (ATE) for today's automotive instrument clusters and dashboards.

Our Multimedia tester can simultaneously test multiple technologies such as audio, video, USB, Ethernet, and wireless and provide support for all new-generation multimedia and broadcasting products.

As a result of its expertise and experience, Alfamation has engineered an entirely new approach to automotive infotainment testing with a range of products for High Speed Digital Links testing.

Infotainment systems have to deal with a several RF signals, starting from world radio standards but extending to mobile communication, GPS & WLAN. Most of the H.U.

SuperNova Test Application Framework is an innovative, fully integrated test environment that addresses world-class test deployment challenges by simplifying access to high-end test capabilities.