Project Traceability and Reporting

Full Project Traceability and Powerful Reporting

Project Traceability

Supernova Test Project domain allows engineers to more rapidly deploy a test application by maintaining all relevant data about the unit under test (UUT) and the test application in one centralized location. The test project domain accurately traces and manages all application details, with no risk of lost or missing files. Supernova graphical user interface assists users throughout the test development process by providing: 

  • A powerful release management system, allowing transitions from test project releases and change tracking
  • A fully integrated master sequence editor, that harnesses NI TestStand features within an enriched GUI interface
  • A powerful variant manager, which ensures effortless management of product and application variants
  • Multi-socket signals and commands virtualization, that provide a structural solution to develop once and deploy multiple instances
  • Printing and reporting templates with an integrated WYSIWYG editor to connect directly to test execution variables
  • Localized message management, that provides multi-language error reporting
  • Integrated runtime HMI, to test drive test projects within target software context prior to final release.
Test Reporting
Supernova stores test results in an SQL database that users can locate either on the automated test equipment or centralized at the enterprise level, allowing for flexible data mining and a web-based SPC access option.
Supernova SPC - Statistical Process Control Tool is an intuitive tool for Production Quality Analysis, Measurement System Analysis (GR&R Averages and Ranges, ANOVA methods). In the current preliminary release, it includes Gage Repeatability and Process Capability; development is ongoing.
Supernova also features a powerful WYSIWYG editor so engineers can design test labels and printed reports, as well as drag and drop connections to the test application variables.

One additional option is to export all data reports (including Supernova custom fields) to NI SystemLink server, enabling data management processes in SystemLink. Both Data storage management are available and selectable, maintaining the «on the fly» logging feature.

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