Our systems use an open and flexible architecture to create a platform allowing integration of technology and modules with short system set-up times which result in a reduction of costs.

Using this platform Alfamation developed Hyperion™ a range of complete automatic test equipment and turnkey test and measurement solutions that follow our customers from the earliest stages of requirement definition to complete systems integration.

Through our Hyperion™ innovative platform we are ready to provide solutions and test systems in the following areas:

Our comprehensive offering includes test solutions such as validation systems and automated test equipment (ATE) for today's automotive instrument clusters and dashboards.

Our Multimedia tester can simultaneously test multiple technologies such as audio, video, USB, Ethernet, and wireless and provide support for all new-generation multimedia and broadcasting products.

Alfamation has key expertise in testing covering analog, digital, mixed-signal, and communication testing technologies.

Alfamation designs and manufactures state-of-art mass production testing machines and prototypes machines to provide rapid cycle time with low footprint solutions